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About Allison Sharp

Allison Sharp is a millennial, feminist, ex-teacher, writer, bildungsroman expert, and part-time watercolorist. She is currently located in Brooklyn, NY. She has a long list of goals and to-dos, including getting a Ph.D, meeting Harry Styles, and writing in all genres.

About copypaste

copypaste started as a blog for the thoughts and rants of an undergrad English major. Allison felt that all of her ideas were just a combination of ctrl+c ctrl+v. It has evolved into a platform for sharing writing: the creative, critical, and sometimes ranty. She still suspects like all of her ideas are a copypaste job but hopes she at least cites the appropriate sources.

About inquiries

Allison Sharp is a writer and editor for hire. Email her at the address below.



Why “traybong”?

Unfortunately for some unlucky stoners who stumbled on this site, traybong has nothing to do with medicinal and recreational herbs. College Allison wasn’t even thinking about a bong when she read the following lines from Waiting for Godot and thought they were the funniest she ever read:

POZZO:How did you find me? (Vladimir and Estragon look at him blankly.) Good? Fair? Middling? Poor? Positively bad?
VLADIMIR:(first to understand). Oh very good, very very good.
POZZO:(to Estragon). And you, Sir?
ESTRAGON:Oh tray bong, tray tray tray bong.
POZZO:(fervently). Bless you, gentlemen, bless you! (Pause.) I have such need of encouragement!

Maybe it was the impending breakdown from reading a hundred of pages of Samuel Beckett in one night. Maybe it was college posturing. Either way, traybong it is. Tray tray tray bong.




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